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CableTech Electrics: Your local Northcote Electrician

At CableTech Electrics we take pride in being the electrician Northcote locals call for all of their electrical needs.

We cater to all residential, industrial and commercial needs. For over 25 years now we've been a fixture of the community, and to this day we continue to serve Northcote locals with the same vigour and enthusiasm as the day we started. Our aim is really very simple, to provide great customer service, give great electrical advice, to always be friendly and honest, to have our expert electricians deliver top quality workmanship, and to do it all at the most affordable price possible. We've been meeting this aim for over 25 years and it's allowed us to become the Northcote electrician that locals rely on. We're always committed first and foremost to the customer and this line of thinking has served us and our clients incredibly well.

By remaining local and having our electrician service Northcote and the surrounding suburbs we're able to keep costs down so that the savings are passed on to you, it also means we're able to get to your emergency faster and offer the most efficient solution. Whether you've got a flickering light, blown fuse or need your property rewired, we're here to help. Our local electricians are expertly trained and qualified to ensure you're always getting a safe, reliable, professional and affordable electrical service. We're fully licensed and qualified to help with any and all electrical issues in Northcote and the greater Melbourne area, call us today for a free quote.

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Northcote Electrical Services

Our expert electricians are available for all types of electrical work throughout Northcote and the surrounding suburbs. Just a small portion of our services we provide on a regular basis are listed below. From lighting to installing power points, we're licensed and qualified to do it all. If you require any electrical service that's not listed, please contact us on 0409 434 850 and we'll be happy to provide an estimate.

Air Conditioning Installations Northcote

We're the leading air conditioning installer in Northcote. We expertly install a range of makes and model and offer professional consultation. For more information see our dedicated Air Conditioning Installations page.

Back Up Generators

Our expert electricians will discuss your needs to understand your requirements before installing the back up generator to meet your power needs. Whether you require a residential back up, commercial or industrial, we can help.

Ceiling Fan Installation

Ceiling fans are a great way to cool your home in the hot summer months and have the added bonus of being rather energy efficient. A basic fan will cool for room to a more comfortable temperature very quickly and will save you money on your power bill when compared to air conditioning operation. We can help you select the best fan for your area.

Commercial Lighting

Not all lights are created equal so we work with you to gain a full understanding of your requirements and desires. For a truly professional commercial lighting install we'll need to envision your layout ad any specific requirements. We can help with your commercial lighting plan and also consult on the best lights for your requirements.

Down Lighting

Our expertly trained and qualified Northcote electrician can assist with all of your down light requirements. From new installations, to consultation and selecting energy efficient models, to upgrading your existing down lights for cosmetic purposes, we're happy to help.

Electric Cable Ducting Systems

Tired of unsightly cables in your home or office? Are your cables a potential health and safety crisis? Have your local Northcote electrician come and give you a quote on an electric cable ducting system that will look great and be as safe as possible.

Emergency Electrical Services

When you have an electrical emergency strike in Northcote, be sure to call CableTech Electrics, your local Northcote electrician. Our expert emergency service is provided by our fully qualified electrician and as we're local to Northcote we can get there quickly and efficiently to offer the best solution for a minimal impact.

Fibre Optic Cabling

For all of your fibre optic cabling needs be sure to contact CableTech Electrics. Whether residential or commercial cabling is required our qualified electricians will be able to help with ease.

Home Automation

Control your automatic lighting, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, appliances and security from one central hub which can also be accessed via your smart phone, tablet or desk top computer.

Home Entertainment Systems

When it comes to the home entertainment system don't risk a DIY job. Having a qualified electrician install your system will ensure optimum performance and longevity from your expensive equipment.

LED Strip Lighting Installation

LED lighting is a great solution for businesses or homes with expensive lighting costs as switching to LED (Light Emitting Diode) uses far less energy to produce the same amount of light. Government rebates may be available to you now. Call CableTech Electrics to enquire.

Light Installation

Your local Northcote electrician will happily install any new light fixtures and/or fitting. We'll ensure they are installed in a robust and safe manner.

New Installations

We can complete and install a new wiring plan for any new builds. Equally our expert electricians are more than capable of assisting during any renovations that might require the installation of new appliances, from TVs to garage door openers.

Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting is an excellent way to make your property safer, more welcoming and also add to the outdoor entertaining factor. No matter what you want from your outdoor lighting we recommend consulting with our expert electricians who can give you professional advice on how to best achieve your desires.

Power Points

We can install power points for both residential and commercial premises. Our electricians will ensure they're in the right place for optimum efficiency, to save you from running numerous cords all over the place and most importantly, making sure you have enough points for your specific requirements.

Electrical Repairs

For any general domestic or commercial electric repairs call your local Northcote electrician on 0409 434 850.


As houses and properties age so too do the wires within. We recommend having your wiring checked on a regular basis to ensure safety for you and your family. When your property is in need of rewiring our professional electricians will do it with minimal fuss to ensure safety is restored.

Safety Switches

When electrical circuits are compromised it can result in an ‘electrical leak' which is extraordinarily dangerous, can serious harm your property and will add to your growing electricity bills. Our electricians can check on your existing safety switches and when required, install new ones.

Security Lighting

Contact CableTech Electrics for an expert electrician to install your security lighting in order to provide maximum coverage with minimal outlay.

Solar Panel Installation

Thinking of going green? We've helped countless Northcote residents turn to solar. Our electricians are experts when it comes to installing solar panels and we're happy to provide consultation to ensure you select the best panels.


If you're experiencing a large number of power surges we highly recommend having a qualified electrician look at your switchboard. Having your switch board upgraded or replaced can eliminate or greatly reduce outages, particularly as many older boards are considered unsafe by today's standards.

Test and Tag Services

Our Northcote electricians provide a full test and tag service on request.

Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

Protect your valuable electronic appliances from overloads and power failures with an uninterruptable power supply. A UPS is a different solution when compared to a back up generator or other such things because a UPS will provide near instantaneous back up by supplying energy from batteries, supercapacitors or flywheels.

Electrician Servicing Northcote

Being based in and around Northcote means we can have our fully qualified electrician arrive at your electrical job quickly and efficiently. When you need an electrician in a hurry, simply call CableTech Electrics on 0409 434 850. We can help with all emergencies, repairs, maintenance and installations at residential, commercial and industrial properties. Our service also extends from Northcote to the surrounding suburbs, including:

Preston 3072, Reservoir 3073, Coburg 3058, Heidelberg 3084, Fitzroy 3065, Carlton 3053, Thornbury 3071, Ivanhoe 3079, Eaglemont 3084, Brunswick 3056 and Fawkner 3060.

For an electrician Northcote residents rave about, call CableTech Electrics on 0409 434 850.

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Need the best electrician in Northcote? You've come to the right place. CableTech Electrics have built an outstanding reputation as the electrician Northcote residents rely on because of their superior service and affordable prices. When you need an electrician, call the best, call CableTech Electrics.

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